We offer slabs, giant numbers, small numbers and letters, pizzas, truffles, party and wedding favours, and so much more.

We love to make our bespoke orders, but from time to time these are quite time limited.

To book your slot, simply email us at:

Below is a guide to our prices, but the more detail you require the higher the price will be.

To avoid disappointment, we do advise to book up as early as possible as slots do go quite quick, plus we close bespoke orders during busy months and holiday seasons, some customers book a year in advance to secure their order.

We have two different types of pricing, and I will try to explain more below.

For slab enquiries, we have the standard range, so sweets and toppings that you can easily find on supermarket shelves, and the themed slabs which are more based on say a jungle theme, princess, under the sea theme, etc, this is where we will build up coloured chocolate toppers to go into the end result.

Standard Slab: For a 500g chocolate base slab and with sweet/chocolate toppers (up to a maximum of 6 different varieties (that you can find on the shelves), and can often push the weight of the slab up to 700-750g in weight, these are priced at £26.95 each plus £5.99 postage and packaging – this is based on one slab per postage cost.

Themed Slab: For 500g chocolate base slab with a themed topping, these start at £27.95 and can go as high as £35 depending on the details required on the slab, these take more time as we either make the moulds to use or hand pipe shapes, etc.

For Giant Numbers, again the same applies with prices going up the more detail you have.  If you require themed giant numbers, where, again we make up the toppers ourselves, the prices can vary, but we talk through your requirements and then set the price, below is a rough guide on costs as a starting point. Hope this helps.

No booking is confirmed until full payment is made and we only release payment details once you agree to the price and date.

We do have to highlight the disclaimer below as well, as we do not cover breakages.

We can only post out a maximum of two numbers in one box and two bespoke slabs in one box, so additional postage would be added to the final amount.

Giant Number guide on price:

NumberStandard + PPThemed – starting from + PP

*Please note that whilst we do take every precaution necessary to package items up as much as possible, we cannot prevent breakages that happen in transit so therefore do not take responsibility if any breakages should occur. If your order arrives broken, we are more than happy for you to send this back to us and we will either try to mend or send another one out, which will be chargeable, but this is at your own cost for return and new postage back to you. It is quite rare that this happens but we just wanted to make you aware.