Crunchy Chicken noodles

Serves 1


  • 1/2 chicken breast, cut into strips
  • 1 egg white beaten
  • 1 packet of sweet chilli sun bites – crushed
  • 1 packet of 150g wok ready noodles
  • Handful of kale
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp rapeseed oil or coconut oil


Cut the chicken into strips.

In a bowl place the beaten egg white and in another bowl add the crisp crumbs.

Heat the rapeseed oil in non stick frying pan.

Coat the chicken strips in the egg white and then into the crumbs, and then add to the hot oil.

Cook for 5 minutes, turning the chicken pieces over, they should go nice a crispy.

Add the wok ready noodles, kale and maple syrup and cook for a further 3 minutes, then serve.